Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A little lite reading

So in an effort to distract myself or perhaps to shed some light or simply because I've had the book for almost a year and have yet to read it, I began reading How to Be Single by Liz Tuccillo. As I've been a single girl for almost the last two years, I was curious to see another perspective. Granted the characters in the book are in their late thirties, living in New York, and are in entirely different stratosphere of their lives compared to me, I found their fears, hopes, insane reactions, mental thought processes and the overall sentiment of the book (so far) to be very real.

The book follows four women (yeah, a little cliche) and tries to find just a glimmer of clarity when it comes to finding love in this day in age. It's something I have been questioning myself. How does one actually connect with another human being when our social skills have gone out the window? We have lost our manners towards others. We relate through iPhones, Facebook, text messages, online dating sites, instant chats, and short hand emails. In a generation where it is so easy to be detached and distant from everyone around us, and yet as a species we are so desperate to connect with other people. We have created a thousands ways to make it easier to communicate with others but in the process we have lost our ability to really understand each other's humanity. Maybe it's naive to think that finding love will happen to everyone but I do believe that everyone can find happiness and this book has reiterated that very point.

There has to be a reason that every self help book on the face of the planet can boil down to one fundamental truth and that is that we have to 'love ourselves'. I think the hardest part of that theory is that our entire society does nothing but promote the idea that we aren't good enough and this is the product that will make you better. What if this is just how we are and we have to learn to do the best we can with the molecular makeup we have. So for a just few moments I want to turn off the phone, shut the computer, walk away and do something that makes me happy. Because being happy really is the best way to love one self. Right?

And yes, this is a little scattered but isn't that the point? To read something and have it provoke your own, random and inspired train of thought.

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