Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh the effects of alcohol

I'm sure there is some rule, somewhere, saying you should not blog and post when imbibing vino but here goes (please forgive the grammatical mishaps.)

Spent the night cooking great food (slow cooked beef roast with spicy tomato parsley sauce and roast potatoes), drinking good wine (petite sirah) and good company (Jessica.) Needless to say I may be a little tipsy. And can I just say, thank God! I haven't really been out since New Year's and it's kind of fabulous. I' not saying that I feel the need to go out and get black out drunk, however it is nice to have a few glasses of red wine and just enjoy yourself. You get that warm, swirly, lovely, smirky, adolescent, giddy, slushy, swooning feeling. And it got me thinking, do you think that besides your close girlfriends, can you have social circle, that you don't just fall into, that can actually enjoy a simple evening at home with a meal, a glass of wine and a few episodes of Real World? Yes, every girl needs a dose of bad MTV television every once in a while.

And then, if she is lucky enough to find that group of people, will she ever find that guy to click with and go from there. I just kind of wonder after all the propaganda of "Sex and the City", Lifetime, and every Nicholas Sparks novel ever written, whether or not its just a bad dream or unattainable fantasy. Maybe I'm a little jaded after the pitfalls, rocket ship heights and a slalom like obstacle courses that I have come across in this short life time. I feel that I went through it to be a bit more level headed and bit more equipped to deal with real life. I also feel like I look at every situation with a negative perspective. A bit of a catch .22 I suppose.

How do you find the balance between the two? Equipped for reality and hopefully romantic?


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