Monday, January 11, 2010

Shelves, well shelf...

I think leaps and bounds are overrated. Especially if you have the spacial relation problems that I seem to have. So for me and this process, I've decided on small, more moderate steps. The kind that at least you can see in front of you and where your foot is going. Today a friend of mine dropped by to help me hang up a shelf in my room. Seeing as I've just moved back in with my mother, in the process of finding my career, and have pretty much changed my life plan, I feel that small accomplishments, at this point, are still in the win column. Being able to get my books, art and small nick knacks back up around the room has a) given me something to do thus distracting me from the fact that I've just moved away from a huge portion of people who are import to me b) remind me that things will, as cliche as it sounds, keep on going and c) that there are people that are still willing to come over and help me. Even if it's just ability to (evenly) hang a shelf. It's the kind of reality check and support a girl needs when she's in limbo.

The long and short of it is after five years of living and going to school in Reno I have finally moved back to California. Yes, I realize that it's really not that much distance but emotionally it may as well be from here to Mars. I have one best friend, Betsy, that has always been my partner in crime. The other best friend, Chris, has recently become a part of my very own after school teen special. That story for another time. Essentially I've been feeling a bit lost and isolated all in the middle of trying to figure my life out. So, the fact that I can call on a friend whom I've been out of touch with for years to help me with something as simple as hanging a shelf has oddly had the effect of reminding me that even though this a huge life change, everything works out in the end. For better or worse or sideways or completely discombobulated.

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